Аренда яхты Azimut PAVIMAR II

Аренда яхты Azimut PAVIMAR IIОтправить запросAzimut PAVIMAR II

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Яхты Azimut Yachts

Аренда яхт Azimut Yachts

Аренда яхты Azimut PAVIMAR II







Цена от

23 400 € в неделю


Длина общая 20.33 м
Ширина 5.1 м
Осадка 1.6 м
Двигатели 2 x 1150 mHP (847 kW) CAT
Максимальная скорость (при половинной нагрузке) 30.0 узл
Крейсерская скорость (при половинной нагрузке) 22.0 узл
Количество кают 3
Количество спальных мест 6
Строительный материал GRP


Elegance, space, agility and the bright light coming through the massive Windows is everything you need for the best adventure you can experience.

Azimut 66 will break down all visual barriers, giving the Opportunity to admire the sea like never before, and look at the world through the transparency of the waves. The Azimut Yachts collections boasts the widest product range in the world, the yachts offer a unique experience of Wind and light, eased off by a comfortable environments making you feeling at home, and with the greatest italian materials, for you spend the best time of you life.

The pavimar will not disappoint you will definitely give you one experience to remember, wheter you are looking for cruising around the most beautiful places in the world, this yacht will offer everything you need from elegance, comfort and high technology.

Be welcome to come on board and be part of the Azimut experience !


Яхты Azimut Yachts

Аренда яхт Azimut Yachts

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